Angielski dla Sekretarek i Asystentek

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zlecę wyrównanie i położenie glazury na schodach zewnętrznych.
Powierzchnia schodów do ułożenia ok. 10m2. Termin wykonania: 14 dni.
Proszę o kontakt i wycenę robocizny, materiały są już zakupione.

Grzegorz Kowalski
***Angielski dla Sekretarek i Asystentek***

***English for Secretaries and Personal Assistants: Professional use of english at the workplace***

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Who is it for

This course is for secretaries or PA’s who have not yet worked and for people who are working and have experience as secretaries or PA’s, this course will give you great Knowledge and Skills in Communicating and Presenting yourself, effectively and Professionally at the workplace, along with improving your writing skills and knowledge in the English language.

What is it about

Our English for Secretaries course provides Secretaries and Personal Assistants with the opportunity to improve their confidence in English and to talk about a variety of world and business issues.
Professional language training in communication and customer service specifically for assistants and secretaries, in addition enhancing your skills in the quality of customer service and communication, the training provides practical knowledge and effectively teaches you to choose the proper methods, techniques and forms for communication, and gives you the confidence in communicating and dealing with difficult situations. The training also includes developing the skills of making business correspondence, such as inquiries, offers, requests, dealing with complaints, taking minutes at a meeting etc.
Course Overview and Program

Intensive and interactive language workshops using the method of communication and the methods to work actively within the group: through self-tests, brainstorming, discussions, exchange of experiences, role playing, case studies, simulation games, video recordings and analysises.

Day 1:

The training program:

- Conducting a professional conversation in English
- Greeting, presenting and recogising customers and clents according to their titles
- Correct use of the English language (Grammar, style, stress)
- Passing over duties from your superior to other staff effectively and professionaly
- Establishing professional and effecient communication with the customers, co-workers and Managers
- Developing precision in communicating in English
- Communicating barriers and how to eliminate them
- Communicating face to face with the customer or client
- Welcoming guests and visitors to your company.

DAY 2:

- Answering phone calls from customers
- Correct use of the English language (Grammar, style, stress)
- Introducing and presenting yourself over the telephone
- Assesing a situation in order to act correctly eg.dealing with a querie from a customer
- Using the right arguments for each situation and clarifying customer objections
- Ending a telephone conversation
- Outgoing Calls, making reservations and bookings for conference rooms, hotel accomodation, dinner-        reservations and event tickets etc,
- Participating in Meetings
- Cooperating with superiors:
- Keeping and Managing the schedule
- Placing and writing appointments
- General correspondence in English: Emails, Letters, fax’s, Memorandum reports
- Business correspondence: Letters of intent, Offers, Orders(tenders), Commercial inquiries, Complaints

What will you get out of it:

•    Skills to greet visitors professionally and warmly
•    Tools for effective communication
•    English for communicating and to present a positive image for the organisation
•    High standards of customer care and how to build strong relationships through proper communication
•    Techniques for handling aggressive callers or visitors professionally and calmly
•    Keeping customers and superiors happy
•    Confidence in conducting General and Business correspondence and how to reply to it
•    Confidently taking minutes in meetings and conferences

Course includes:

- Course material
- Participation in the course
- Online consultation
- Argus TCS training Diploma on completion of the training course
- Lunch and refreshments with snacks

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